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How to Make Paper part 1: Blending into pulp

Ok, I am going to show you how to make paper using the pour method. This is the easiest method in my opinion and it makes great paper.

Along the way I will show you some nice variations for how the paper will come out and the various things you can do to vary your paper.

In this part of the tutorial we make paper pulp out of old paper, junk mail and just about any kind of paper product.


The paper

I am going to use this junk mail that I got. It is very good for this. Inside are a couple of sheets of white paper and the outside is a nice shade of mostly blue paper. So we will use all of this but not at once.

Add the Paper

Tear the paper into a few pieces and put it in the blender. For now I am just using the insert pages, not the blue envelope yet.

Add water

Add about four cups of water to it. This isn't a formula to worry about. Just add a nice amount of water. More than four cups is quite ok!

Blend the pulp

Go ahead and blend it up!


Ok, Once you got it to a nice pulp and it is reasonably uniform. Usually less than a minute in the blender. It is ready to be made into paper. You can go ahead and use it. But, we are going to spice up this paper a little bit by adding that blue envelope.

For you , think about this is another color paper. It doesn't have to be the envelope. That's just how it is working out with this paper.

Maybe you start with some white paper and now you add another color of your choice.

Tear it up and add it to the blender!

add the blue

Blend it up again. But this time don't blend it up a lot! Just a little bit, maybe ten to fifteen seconds. This is just to tear up that blue paper into little bits, not to make the whole thing a homogenous blue color!

NextOK! Let's continue and pour the paper


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