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How to Easily Make Tracing Paper

I use tracing paper often and for a lot of different purposes. It is a multi-purpose paper, and not just for tracing.

And maybe you need some tracing paper for a project but you don't have any.

Well, the project doesn't need to come to a stop because here I show you how to easily make as much tracing paper as you want.



Tracing paper projects

It is of course perfect for tracing. But I have several projects that are a little bit different and use tracing paper. Here are Three projects that use tracing paper in a different way:

How to Make a Shadow Theater

It is a fun little project that is easy to make. And it is perfect for unique story telling. You can create little stories, little characters and bring them to life. I also show you several ways to animate your characters. How to make a shadow theater


Camera Obscura

Make a Camera Obscura

The Camera Obscura is a curious device that goes all the way back to antiquity. And it is a pre-cursor to the camera. Fascinating and easy to make. I have a tutorial right here: How to Make a Camera Obscura


a Light Box Make a Light Box

A light box is a wonderful little thing. You can use it for tracing, drawing, and even reading x-rays. But they are very expensive to purch

ase. I have a nice tutorial here that shows you how to make a great one very cheap. It uses a string of LED's as the light source. How to make a light box


Watch the Video:


All you need for this project:

  • Regular printer paper
  • Baby Oil
  • Cotton Balls


Generally the container of baby oil has a neat little hole on the top so you can squeeze out the oil in moderation.


Just pour a little bit onto a cotton ball.


And gently rub it onto the paper.


Once the whole sheet is complete you can dab it and wipe it dry with paper towels. It won't get completely dry because the oil has seeped all the way into the paper.


Hang it up to let it dry.


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