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Make the Steel Dagger from Skyrim - Part 2

In this part of the tutorial we continue building the steel dagger.

Part 1 (the beginning) of this tutorial is here



Cut the pieces out

Cut those two blade pieces out.


Glue the pieces together

And glue them together - one right on top of the other.

Trace the template designs

Now let's make the guard. Place that sheet of template on foam board and trace over all the lines with a blunt pencil. Press firmly. This transfers all the lines to the foamboard.


Draw out the lines


Pressing firmly leaves an indent in the foam board. So... when you lift up the template you can see those impressions. Draw them out.

The arrow points out some impressions you can clearly see in the picture.

Make two of this guard.


Cut out the details

Now we add some detail work to these guard pieces.

We cut away the top layer of paper on the various ornamental sections.

You cut the paper then you can pluck it away exposing the foam.


Pluck out he details


Okay! The ornament cut work is done and it looks good. Now cut out those two guard pieces.


Cut the bevels

Now put a bevel on the blades. I am using a foam board beveling tool. But you can do this by hand with a sharp knife.



Foam Werks Tool

Logan Foam Werks Foam Cutting Tool, Straight/Bevel

LOGAN GRAPHICS-Foam Werks: Straight/Bevel Cutter. Economy and versatility combined in the Foam Werks Foam board Straight/Bevel Cutter. Simply rotate the angled base block and it transforms from a straight cutter to a bevel cutter.

Okay, the bevels are cut and look good. Be sure to flip it over and do the other side too.

The bevel on the blade


NextLet's continue and finish the dagger



Skyrim Steel sword

Make the Skyrim Steel Sword

Great looking sword made out of foamboard. And it is three layers thick which means it is strong enough to use. I also show you a nice techique for painting it to get this great steel look. Make the Steel Sword from Skyrim

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