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The secret to changing your life
is really quite simple, let me explain:

Your life isn't where you want it to be right? Let me ask you a question; Did it get there overnight? Did you wake up one day and discover you were thirty pounds overweight? Did you wake up and realize you didn't write that novel you wanted to write? Did you wake up one morning and realize you couldn't play a musical instrument?

No of course not; Putting on thirty extra pounds doesn't happen overnight. It takes time. Slowly you took on a lifestyle that wasn't what you wanted and over time you ended up where you are today.

Let me tell you how to fix this. It is exactly the same as how you got to where you are now. It just goes in reverse.

The Power of a little bit every day

Just like the way you got to the state you are in now you are going to get to another state (one that is more desirable to you) with no effort every day. Let me explain.

Time is a very funny thing. It sneaks up on you. Before you know it the end of the week has arrived and then the end of the month. Before you know it the years has slipped away. You can use this phenomenon to your advantage.

Your mind and your body make up an amazing construct. They take slowly to changes, but they take to them. Before you know it you will have new routines in your life, without even thinking about them. You will have a new outlook on life and a new direction in your life. And you won't even have to think about it. It will come natural. It will be the norm for you.

SO, On to the plan

Here's the magic formula:

Take one aspect of your life that you want to change -maybe its your weight, or your lack of exercise, or your desire to write, or do art, or play an instrument. -

Now take this in two distinct steps:

The First step: Get clear on what your outcome is. Write it down. I want to such and such. Here are some examples: I want to lose 30 pounds, or I want to play my favorite songs on the piano, or I want to find a new job. Get specific about it: I want to find a new job doing such and such kind of work or I want to learn how to play these ten songs on the guitar. You have to know exactly what your goal is. Write a whole page on it. Whatever it takes, make it specific. I want to make one million dollars in the next twelve months.

The second step: Do a little bit towards this goal everyday. EVERY DAY.

Let me give you an example: You want to learn how to play the guitar, you have had a guitar for years but it is just collecting dust. Well this is easy enough: Take it out of the case and play it for five minutes. That's it! Just five minutes! And now you are on your way to becoming a guitar player. As a matter of fact you are a guitar player. Didn't you just play?

Now tomorrow do the same thing. Don't worry about anything at all. It doesn't matter how badly you play. Don't expect yourself to be fantastic. Remember your mind and your body are doing things behind the scenes that you don't even realize. With time they are going to remember things that you don't and playing will come natural.

Don't wait until tomorrow. Take one small step today, then take another tomorrow. Remember how fast the days pass by. You can use this to your advantage. This slow building of a little bit every day will change your life. Trust me.

More examples:

Music: Ok, so you want to learn how to play an instrument but don't have one right? So that shoots everything down correct? WRONG! You still can do something today. Surf to an internet site and find something on how to play (remember, take only five minutes this first day)

Or how about this: Reach into your wallet and take out one dollar. Now tuck this in an envelope and mark on the outside "For My Guitar". Tuck another dollar inside tomorrow. And this weekend go down to the local guitar shop and price the guitars. You're on your way.

Exercise: This one is even easier. Do you expect to work out once and be healthy, fit, and strong for the rest of your life? Of course not. This is another example of where your mind and your body take over and make changes without you having to think about it. So this is what you do: Go for a short walk - five minutes is great! While you are walking think about the fact that you are truly exercising. Think this in your mind "right now I am exercising". And do the same thing tomorrow. A little bit is all it takes - time will fly and before you know it you will be walking for thirty minutes. Maybe even doing some stretches and light aerobics - maybe you will jog for twenty five paces in the middle of your walk. It's a piece of cake.

Still Skeptical?

You are saying to yourself "My problem is different. I am overweight because I eat too much". My response is that you haven't been listening. This is what you do:

The next time you sit down to one of your normal meals take a big spoonful of food, or cut off one bite of steak and feed this to the dog - or throw it right in the trash! Do you see what you did there? You changed the course of your life. You ate one bite less than you would have. Tomorrow do the same thing, over time you will be eating less and less, your body will do the figuring for you. It will want less and less. Don't even worry about it. Remember, time is now working with you, and as the days and weeks slip by you will make progress.

One more thing about the weight loss thing. If you are over weight it isn't even your fault. There is a reason why you are overweight and you are going to be amazed to learn that reason. It is due to a phenomenon I call Tribal Compliance. Read more about it

Wrap up:

There is tremendous power in just a little bit every day. When you do your "little bit" think to yourself "wow I am actually doing it, it feels great, and in no time I will be doing more." But don't worry about the doing more part. Your mind and body will take care of that. Just do the little bit today - that's all it takes.


If you came to this page it is because you have something in mind that you want to do or improve. Make sure you take the five minutes today to do a little something toward it. Tomorrow comes fast. Next week will be here before you know it. Start now.