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Recapturing your childhood creativity

Creativity is something we are all born with and when we are children it flows so easily and so smoothly. But as adults we are conditioned to suppress it.

A child would say something like:"I want to live in a house that is shaped like a dinosaur! Yeah, Yeah. And the mouth is the front door".

An adult might respond: "That's silly. You'll be lucky if you live in a shack."

Over the years we are taught to be practical; to think "Logically". So that creative genius within us is suppressed. We tuck it away. But it can be brought back out.

Let me show you how!


To recapture that creativity of your childhood bring yourself back there! Buy yourself some things that will recall your childhood creativity.

Lets start with Play-doh; Yup that's right -Play-Doh. Who can forget the smell and the feel of it? When you start making things with it you are going to be shocked at the memories of your childhood that the smell and the feel brings back. Believe me this is fantastic. It really works and you are going to have fun.

Feel silly as an adult using Play-Doh? I guess you will be lucky if you live in a shack.

Play-Doh is really quite amazing. It has a great texture and is very moldable. You don't have to create masterpieces with it. It is all about re-inspiring your creativity.

Great Playdoh stuff

Erector Sets for the Builder in You
Crayola Crayons to inspire the artist in you