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Design your own webpages with the free Frontpage Express software

Microsoft Frontpage is an industry standard development package for creating and maintaining website. They have a freeware version of this called "FrontPage Express" It doesn't have the power that the full version has but it is a great program that can get you started in real web development.

I have it right here. You can download it and install it. Then you can move on to the tutorials that I have created. In no time at all you will be making great webpages the way the professionals do.

Directions for downloading and installing FrontPage Express:

(Please Note: A lot of people with Windows Vista have been having trouble with this program If you have Vista you may want to seek an alternative program.)

If you have a Vista workaround send me an email !!

FrontPage Express


After the download has finished, choose "Open".
A dialog box will appear. Choose "Unzip".
(This will unzip the FrontPage Express files
automatically into the directory
C:\Program Files\FPXpress - no need to do any other install). When finished, it will say "21 files unzipped successfully". You can "Close" this dialog box now.

Then go to the directory C:\Program Files\FPXpress and you will see "Fpxpress.exe". Double click
on FPxpress.exe and FPExpress will open. You are Done.You now have Front Page Express open and ready to use. Move on to the tutorials. It won't be long before you have your very own web pages.

The FrontPage Express Tutorials

Want to get a little more serious about your website?
I have a complete set of tutorials on how to get a domain, build websites, build traffic and earn money with your site. It is all totally free and there are hundreds of pages of tips, advice and tutorials Check out the step-by-step tutorial here.

Note about FrontPage Express and Windows Vista:

I have received a tip from a user that has Vista and successfully runs FP Express. He has a secondary drive (lettered D:) and this is separate from his Operating System. He installed FPX on this D: drive and always opens it as an administrator. So far the only problem he has is when he tries to "Save As" rather than "Save" it will shut down. Otherwise Just plain Saving gives him no problem.

So if you have a secondary drive on your computer you might want to try installing FPX there and give it a try. So far it seems to have trouble on a C: drive and the Vista OS.


If you have windows vista and need to get FrontPage Express to work this workaround was submitted by a web visitor. I haven't tried it yet myself but it looks good. He uses FP Express all the time to quickly make and modify web pages.

"Right Click the install and select "run as Administrator"

It will work but it will bring up a regedit box...

Then you are in"

Can you post a big THANK YOU!!!  for the people who wrote in telling how to install Front Page Editor so it will run?  This was the only thing preventing me from updating my ten year old computer...not having this file to edit my webpages!   Louise
A Note about this FrontPage Express Download:
This is a free download and released from all copyright by Microsoft. It is in the public domain!
It is a clean copy and an easy to use program that offers people a free way to do some web design. But I simply offer it as a free tool for you to try to use. I can't claim any responsibility for it. And I can't claim any liability for its use. If you have trouble with it you can shoot me an email and maybe I can help but it is offered simply in the gesture of trying to help. I can't be held responsible or liable for the program. After all it isn't mine!


Windows 7 Workaround

I have received a workaround for windows 7 from a web visitor (Onur) My thanks to him for submitting this. Here is what he says:

hi, i just searching frontpage tutorials from the google and your page is gets my attention because you shared a little tool- so i just working on it and i solved the problem of it* its written for XP O/S and the file dependencies are have to mach if you want to run it. so : right click the exe and click properties- then go to compabilities tab- choose XP-SP2 and then tick the run as administrator check box. finally apply! you are done =) you can easily run in win7 =)

Here is some more great advice for installing: This is from the Admin over at sitehost4.free.com

The file you posted is a WinZIP SelfExtractor (EXE) (with included
paths) Vista/W7 will always flag those type apps, if they contain
executables (OCX,DLL,EXE,ect) cause they could click it, and the ZIP
could overwrite system files in windows/system ect.

To run the install
on XP3/Vista/7, download it, RIGHT CLICK over the file, then RUN AS
ADMINISTRATOR, the ZIP file will extract normally, to C:\program
files\FPXpress , after that, browse via My COmputer, C:, ect... to the
FPXPRESS dir/FOLDER, right click over the fpxpress.exe file, then CREATE
SHORTCUT, (it can't (normal cause of folder permissions), "want on
desktop instead", YES), bingo copy/past/move that shortcut into any
menu, ect you want and you have a working clickable shortcut to

The KEY is to right click the install file, RUN AS ADMIN, so it can
extract EXE files and create folders (program files/fpexpress), after
that a simple double click of C:\program files\fpexpress\fpxpress.exe
will work, if UAE is really tight, they might need to right click over
that file, RUN AS ADMIN, but most can simply, browse to the C:\Program
Files\FPXpress folder, right click over FPXPRESS.EXE,CREATE SHORTCUT,
(can't place on desktop instead, YES, then just copy/move/paset that
shortcut into any menu/folder/desktop, and it works fine)

ie: Issues using FPX on Vista and WIn7 are NOT technical issues, the
program itself works fine on Win Vista+, its the way its installed , and
on strict security UAE systems, how its run, install and run as ADMIN,
and its fine. :)