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The Honey Extractor

Comes a point in the care and raising of bees where you have to think about how you are going to get the honey out of the hive! How do you get it into jars so you can store it or sell it?


You use an extractor! But, this is a bit of an expense. A basic hand cranked extractor is going to cost you four or five hundred dollars! Just the way it goes.

Anyway, I took a trip to a local manufacturer of honey processing equipment and bought an extractor. They also gave me a tour. I will show you a bit about the extractor and how it works and I will show you some of the pics I took inside the Maxant company.

The Honey Extractor

Here is a picture of the Honey Extractor I bought. The concept is simple. You put the honey frames inside, close the lid and spin the handle as fast as you can. This spins out all the honey which collects in the bottom. You open the white spigot at the bottom and let it flow out into jars.

It is hard to tell the size of this but it is about two feet tall. And it comes with legs that you can stand it on. This makes it much easier to put a jug or five gallon bucket under the spigot.

This can get very tiring and there are extractors available with a motor and this particular model also has an upgrade to motor kit that can be purchased.


Inside the honey extractor

This picture shows the inside of the extractor. You put the racks of honey inside, close the lid and spin the handle!


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