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Maxant Industries - Makers of Honey Processing Equipment


I was looking to buy a Honey Extractor and discovered a company not too far from where I live. They make all kinds of honey processing equipment and they are called Maxant Industries. So, mostly out of curiosity I took a drive up there to see them and buy an extractor. It also saved me money on shipping and handling.


This was a pretty interesting company and they gave me a tour of the building and the manufacturing facilities. Neat operation and in my mind it was a great view of Yankee ingenuity. They had a whole array of equipment ranging from 50 year old bridgeport machines and lathes to modern robotic equipment :)

They build a great product and have been doing it a long time. They make all kinds of honey processing equipment like extractors, separators, clarifiers, filters, wax separators and more. And in a variety of sizes from units for the small bee keeper like me to monstrous pieces of equipment for bee professionals.

Below are some pictures from inside their facility and my thanks to them for giving me permission to take these pics. I did buy an extractor and I have pictures of it here (including an explanation of how an extractor works).

I highly recommend this company if you are looking for honey processing equipment. They are located in Ayer Massachusetts and here is their website: Maxant Industries.

A group of honey extractors (motorized) ready to be shipped!


A look at the products on display in the offices. the arrow points out the model extractor I bought.


A picture inside the factory.




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