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What is a Nuc?

A nuc is just bee terminology for a small and complete hive that you buy from an apiary and install in your hive. It is typically a small wooden box with five frames in it. These frames compose everything that a young colony needs including a queen, honey and brood.


This is a great and easy way to get started in beekeeping because it is very simple to do. You simply remove the five frames from the nuc and install them in your hive. And voila! You have a young beehive.

Here are a few pictures of Nucs. They will vary from apiary to apiary and some companies sell three frame nucs. But i think the five frame nucs are best. To me they are more vibrant and will take to their new hive quicker.

A NucHere is a three quarter view of a nuc. You can see two screws sticking out the top. These held the cover on. I have unscrewed them because I have already transferred the bees out.







Inside the Nuc

And here is a look inside the nuc. You can see the five frames.









A nuc is a really nice way to set up a new hive. All you do is transfer those five frames from the nuc into the hive.

If you are getting a nuc and want to install it into your hive I have a tutorial with pictures right here: How to set up a beehive by installing a nuc

Setting up a beehive is not difficult. You just have to know a few things. And it is pretty much like anything else, you have to learn a few new words and terms and what the various things are. I will take you through the complete process including installing your new batch of bees.

If you are really new to all this bee and beehive stuff and you want a refresher on the parts of the hive I have a nice explanation with pictures right here: The parts of a beehive




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