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How to install a bee package part 5: Checking on the queen

Ok, we installed the queen and the bees from the package two days ago. Today we check on things to see if everything is ok.

We look to see if the queen has been released from the cage and we do a couple of things to get the hive to normal.



Activity in the front of the hive

Ok, There is activity in the hive and that is a good sign. Bees are going in and out. Looks like they are starting their new home. They haven't taken off to go live somewhere else.


Remove the cover

Lets take a bit of it apart. Remove the top cover. Then take out the can of sugar water and remove that empty top deep.


Fill the deep

And fill that deep with empty frames.


Add the cover

Remove that telescoping cover and let's take a look at the bees.


Look at the frames

Lets get to that queen cage and take a look. The bees are looking good, active, happy and bunched up doing their thing.


Finding the queen cage

There's the queen cage. Let's take a look inside to see if the queen has been released. Gently remove it and the rubber band.


The candy is gone

There you go. The candy has been eaten away and the queen cage is empty. No queen in there.


The queen has left the cage


Re assemble the hive

Next, lift up that deep and flip the bottom board over. This gives us a narrower entrance gap for the bees.


Put the deep on

Now place that new populated deep right on top.


Put the cover on

Put the wooden telescoping cover on then put on the top cover.


A bee feeder

Then we finished it off by adding a feeder. This is optional and ok to get the bees started. But we don't want them to become dependant on it and get lazy!


The beehive is ready

And that's it. The beehive is ready, looking good, and off to a great start.



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