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Carving A Miniature Beehive


Well, if you are smitten by bees and all thing "bee" you might like this little balsa wood beehive that I sculpted. I made it for a diorama project on my other website ""


If you want to make one I will give you some easy instruction with pictures on how to make one. Lot of fun and looks pretty neat. You can see the beehive in picture below and it looks like a pretty realistic Langstroth Hive but it is only 2 inches in height :)



The Miniature Beehive


Bits of balsa woodFor the beehive I just cut three small pieces of balsa wood. (I also used two more pictures for the gray bricks under the hive)

The big piece is the hive proper and the two flat pieces are the top and bottom of the hive.





Carving he detailsI glued the top and bottom onto the hive then I used a tool to indent the handles and to score two lines across the hive, these act as the divisions between the boxes.








Adding tiny beesThis picture shows how I finished off the hive. First I painted it white then I rescored anything that needed a little bit of definition like the box lines horizontally across the hive. I then added tiny bees with a sharp pencil! They are all gathered around the opening of the hive.

Finally I added two gray bricks underneath.






Here is a look at the finished diorama that I used this beehive in. If you are interested in making dioramas I have a tutorial on how I made this one right here: The Tree Diorama

The tree and beehive diorama