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Setting up a beehive part 2 -The Gentle way

In the first part of this tutorial we went over the steps and took a look at the various parts and even looked at the bees and the queen.

In this part of the tutorial we actually put the hive together and populate it with the bees.


Three pounds of bees in Nuc

Let's start. We put down the cinder blocks, put the bottom board on those blocks then put a deep box on top of that.

Inside that deep box we put the package.


Open the Nuc cover

Ok, pry open that small wooden cover on the Package.


Remove feed can

Removing that small wooden cover exposes the top of a metal can. That metal can is the sugar water can. it holds sugar water that is food for the bees.


Remove the queen cage

Inside the hole that the can comes out of is a tab. That tab is connected to the queen's cage. Pull that queens cage right out. Let's prep the queen.

remove the cork

That queens cage has a candy side. That is all the white stuff. And that side has a hole in it that is corked. Remove that cork. This will allow the bees to eat away the candy freeing the queen.


Place queen cage between racks

Place that queens cage in the deep box between the nine frames.


Okay! Take a look. We have our bottom deep on the right. It has the Nuc in it and the bees are starting to explore out a bit. And, we have placed our queen cage in between the racks on the left. Now we are going to place that box with the racks and queen right on top of the Nuc.


There you go!


Now place the inner telescoping cover on top.


Place the sugar water can on top. This way they can still feed. We put it over one hole so the bees can go in there and get it. And we leave one hole upobstructed so the bees can come up into the box we are going to put on.


Now place the medium cover on top.


Place the outer cover on. Then weigh it all down and protect it from wind by placing a weight on top the whole thing.


That's it! You have created your beehive!!

The beehive


Tomorrow we will add a top feeder with sugar syrup to feed the bees.

Instructions for sugar syrup, from Wood's Beekeeping Supply and Academy

1:1 One Part Sugar to One Part Water: Use in the spring and summer to encourage comb building

1 pound sugar to 2 cups water
5 pounds sugar to 2 1/2 quarts water

Bring water to a boil and turn off heat. Stir in sugar until dissolved and cool.

HONEY-B-HEALTHY : is a honeybee feeding stimulant composed of lemongrass and spearmint oil concentrate. HONEY-B-HEALTHY  helps promote healthy vigorous hives when used as a feeding stimulant. Use as a feeding stimulant for late winter, early spring, and during dearth's of nectar. Also add to  your feeding mix to help build up packages, nucs and swarms.

Add 1 teaspoon per quart after the mixture cools down to room temperature.

I am going to substitute Pro Health for the Honey-B-Healthy.

Feed is 1:1 sugar syrup.

One quart syrup add one tsp Pro Health for feed stimulant.
One gallon syrup add four tsps Pro Health for feed stimulant.



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