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Weapons and Armor in America

There used to be a museum in Worcester Massachusetts called The Higgins. It was devoted to Medieval weapons and armor. It started as a private collection and evolved into an actual museum.

I visited it twice. But regrettably a few years ago it was closed and it's collection was auctioned off.

That was a great loss to those of us that are fans of medieval armor and weapons. But.... In my trip around America I came to see that there is a vibrant and healthy admiration of these works of art and lots of museums have them on display. Here are some pics and links to what I discovered on my trip. (Six different Museums)


The Cleveland Museum of Art -


This is a museum that has a whole lot of stuff. And of course they have galleries devoted to the Medeival era, the Late Medieval era, The Renaissance, the Baroque era, Tapestries, Illuminated manuscripts and much much more. But my favorite area is without a doubt on level 2 of the original 1916 building. It is the Armor court:

Here in this large court and in smaller rooms off to the sides you can see all types of weapons and armor among which is a magnificent collection of polearms mounted on the walls.

I have more about the weapons and armor at this museum right here: Weapons and armor and the Cleveland Museum of Art And if you are particularly interested in polearms I have a page devoted the ones they have at this museum right here.


The Detroit Institute of Art -

This is a very big museum with a whole lot of money. Their art spans centuries, countries and many art periods/types. They do have a nice collection of suits of armor and weapons, mostly it is centered around the great hall on the Woodward avenue entrance. There is also a nice collection in the European Medieval and Renaissance Gallery just off the Great Hall. In the following picture you can see some of the suits of armor along the left wall of the Great Hall. I have more about the Detroit Institute of Art right here.


The Art Institute of Chicago -

On the second floor in the Deering family section they have a gallery of Medieval and Renaissance Art and you pass through that to get to the Arms and Armor Gallery. I

I have more about the Weapons and Armor at Art Institute of Chicago here.


The MET In New York -

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, or MET, in New York City is a world class museum with an astonishing array of art. Which of course includes a gallery of Medieval Art and a gallery of Arms and Armor. The picture below shows the gallery of arms and armor. I have more about the MET here and a special page of weapons and armor at The MET here.


The Walters Museum in Baltimore Maryland -

The Walters is a wonderful museum; one of my favorites. And it has a lot of interesting stuff including a nice collection of medieval weapons.

I have more about the Walters here


The Higgins Armory- Like I said, it doesn't exist anymore but I did visit twice so we can still look at the pictures of the weapons and armor they used to have.

I have more about the Higgins Armory on my medieval sub website right here: The Higgins Museum