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How to sculpt fantasy miniatures part 10: Finishing up the 3" Viking Warrior Miniature


In this lesson we finish up our fantasy miniature 3" sculpture. I used Super Sculpey FIRM Gray- One Pound to make this miniature and in this lesson I bake it to harden it. Then I use tools like files to finish up the detail work then I paint it. Once you have finished this miniature you are ready to move on to the official miniature size of 25-28 mm. That starts in the next tutorial. I give you an overview of the painting of a miniature in this lesson (I do show you some painting techniques such as priming and washing). but if you want a very extensive tutorial on painting I have one here: How to Paint Fantasy Miniatures




NextContinue with tutorial to Part 11: In this part we start on an official sized miniature. We sculpt a female warrior


Peasant's House

Make a Medieval Peasant's House

The First Tutorial in a new diorama series on making a medieval village diorama- It has that nice stucco and beam look that were popular in the Middle ages and there are a few nice extras like a unique thatched roof, a flower pot under the window and a short stone base. How to Make a Medieval Peasant's House