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How to Sculpt Fantasy Miniatures: Part 12 - Beginning the basic shape of the figure


In Lesson 11 I gave you an overview of the process of sculpting an official sized miniature and in this installment of the tutorials we actually start making the miniature. I show you about how to use the two part epoxy resin and we start fleshing out the miniature by adding the ProCreate and we start to add some of the basic details and shapes of the female warrior. I also show you some tips and tricks that I use for making the mini.


One important thing that we learn here is that the epoxy sculpting resin is something that self hardens in about two hours. This is very important because it means you can only do so much work in a limited amount of time.



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Blacksmithing: How to Forge a Spear

It is an interesting four step process to forging the tip of a spear. I use a piece of mild steel and show you how. I also have a video so you can watch how to do it. How to forge a spear