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Make a Miniature House Model - Part 3

In this part of the tutorial we look at some of the more challenging parts of building the miniature house. And I give you some tips.


Add framing on house

Here is a challenging little part in the front of the house. But, it isn't very difficult. We just continue with the technique of breaking everything down into it's flat planes. And a hot glue gun makes it easy to put something like this together.


Cut foamboard pieces for framing

We measure out some strips of foamboard and cut them.


Making custom pieces

And a hot glue gun makes it possible to glue the pieces together to make the shape we need.


Glue pieces to house

And it is simple as that. We make the pieces, glue them together then glue them in place.


Making the shingled Roof

The Shingles

The roof of the porch and on the top of the house is a really nice detail that makes a big difference in how the miniature house looks. It is also a very simple process to do.

There are a couple of ways to do this. You can purchase a pack of wooden shingles and build it out one piece at a time. Easy enough and I have done this.

But you can also get something called shingle strips. It makes it quicker and easier.


Glue strips of shingles

The shingle strips are pretty easy. You glue them, in strips over each other with the overlap that you desire. And you can do this on a table or you can do it right onto the roof of the building.

Shingle strips on amazon


The shingled small roof


The miniature front door

One more little thing. The front door was a lot of fun. This is just a piece of foamboard. And glued on the back of the opening is a piece of clear plastic. You paint white paint on the plastic then scratch out the design with a pin! Comes out looking great.


NextOkay Let's look at one more thing, the balsa wood and basswood porch.




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