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Painting Miniatures Part 6

In this next photo I have completed the painting of all of the horse skin. I have also started work on the mane around each ankle. Now the lowest level of the miniature is complete and I can start to work on the next level of the horse which in this case is the riding blanket underneath the saddle. This is a great piece to paint because it is very flamboyant so I am going to paint it a nice color and I am going to use the same method I did with the horse body: I will paint the lower/inmost areas of the blanket with a darker shade of the same color. This will give it a nice three-dimensional look.


Painting the horses legs

(All of the horse tone is done in this photo and next is the blanket under the saddle)


Painting more of the horse

The Saddle blanket is done. I have used two different shades of blue and I have added gold highlights which makes it look like a filigree.


Continue painting the horse

Now the Tail is painted. This is a good example of how you should always use two different shades of the same color. The tail is a darker brownl up toward the flank of the horse. If you don't have two shades of the same color you can always just mix in a little white to lighten for the second shade. Or add a little black to darken for the second shade.


The saddle and ornament

I have painted the saddle and painted the gold of all of the horses bridle, mail on neck and various other little parts.

Remember: The important thing is that you work your way out from the inside of the miniature to the outside.


Okay, this miniature is almost done. On the next page is a large image so you can see it painted. But after the painting there is one more step we will take. We will add a nice grass like texture to the base so it looks realistic.

NextCheck out the big picture of the miniature horse

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