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How to Make a Spectacular Wall Diorama to display your Miniatures


If you collect, make, or paint fantasy miniatures for gaming or just for the enjoyment of it one of the biggest challenges you have is how to display them. You can lay them on shelves or just place them on a table. But either way you don't really do justice to them. Putting them on shelves is nice but it lacks something. And putting them on some kind of terrain or diorama is great but it does bring up the issue of how much space you want it to take up. Can you leave a big diorama or gaming table safely out? This wall diorama is the perfect solution for these problems. It mounts on the wall which gives it the space saving convenience of shelving; yet it still has the panache of a diorama! Its a really nice solution to the question of how to display your miniatures.


Wall Diorama to display fantasy miniatures

Here is the Diorama we will be making in this tutorial. It is 35 inches wide and 26 inches tall. It has a glass door on the front that is hinged and it hinges down so you can access the diorama and miniatures that are inside.

This tutorial is both web based and video based. I have complete instructions and guidelines here that will show you how you can make something like this and there are plenty of both pictures and videos.

Make a Fantasy Wall Diorama