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Castle Neuschwanstein


A Creation in Clay


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Monday May 11, 2009-05-11

Firstly my apologies for the slowness of completing this project (that is if anyone is watching) I will begin to explain what has been going on in my life. I have been frantically getting my new pottery studio completed.


This is it, nestled in a bush setting about 200 meters from my house. It is the original house on the property and is a 2-bedroom cottage.

I have been replacing ceilings and walls to get it into a reasonable condition to work in. As well I have bought my first kiln, had it wired in and have successfully had my very first bisque firing in it. Completed at 9am this morning.

The Kiln

Here it is, it is sitting out in the 'carport' area.

So anyway here in is my firing of the last of the castle pieces.

The Greenware

Here is the tray of pieces that were 'greenware' i.e. just air-dried clay.

first shelf in the kiln

These were then loaded into the kiln, the picture shows the first shelf in place with a number of test tiles loaded on.

The kiln is loaded

Here is the kiln loaded ready for firing. The Kings quarters piece is visible in the back and the Soldiers Tower is visible beside the funny cube.

kiln peephole

Looking into the peep hole at 1000 degrees Celsius.

1000 degrees

Here is the proof that we got over 1000 degrees C.


This took nearly 12 hours to achieve.

I started off very slowly and then sped things up to about 100 degrees per hour.

It was completed at 8pm and was still at 300 degrees at 9am the following morning


The pieces after firing

Here is the result, still warm! So next up is putting things together and glazing and refiring!

Tray of castle pieces

So here is the tray of fired pieces.

The castle pieces

Aren't bread trays wonderful things!


THe assembled castle from the side

So here are the bits together. Note the Kings Tower is too short :( I will have to make a bottom section to lift it higher so that the small turret is above the roofline.

The castle from the 3/4 front view

Note the front towers have changed again! I will have to redo them yet again! Will eventually get them right!

Realised that I am actually missing the second tower from the Kings Quarters and the two small slim towers from the Knights Quarters. So it is back to the clay room as soon as possible to get them done.

Next excitement will be to paint/glaze the pieces and refire.

Clay Neuschwanstein Castle from above

Would love some feedback and some ideas for painting and glazing.