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Castle Neuschwanstein


A Creation in Clay
Part 6: The Guest Quarters and Guards Tower


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Friday April 10

Well its been a frantically busy week so far, I have been busy Tues, Wed and Thurs volunteering for Habitat for Humanity on a build in Tuakau, New Zealand . This is my second build for Habitat for Humanity.

So today being the start of the Easter break, I decided to put some effort into our castle project.


Here are some of the results from a firing last week. The coloured pots are my test colours, the others are a test glaze that has not fired hot enough. They are a few boxes and things that I have made. The round globe has cut outs of stylised kiwis and maps of New Zealand on it. The box with the oval lid has another stylised kiwi on it.


unfired test pots


Here are the unfired test pots. Not the difference in the blue pot that looked pink.

Anyway that is a bit of what I am also up to but back to the castle!

Clay walls of the towers and quarters

Here is the next array of cut-outs. We have here the new and revised Guest Quarters, the Guards Tower and the Small Tower.

roofs and cylinders of the round towers

Here are the towers and roof pieces. I have created a large tower, the small tower and the round section for the top of the Guards Tower. I have decided to create some interest in the roof and shape them a bit.

Paper Clay.


In my research I have come across many, many references to Paper Clay and have decided to make some for myself and see just how good it is. The authors of some of the books and articles rave about its properties especially for a project like this one. It behaves like clay but is lighter in the finished product and joins very, very easily. Wet to wet, dry to wet it all joins perfectly so they say....


shredded paper

So here is the start of my first batch of paper clay. We have a shredder in our study and I have been saving all the bits.


mixing the clay paper

Here I am using a paint stirrer to mix the paper with water, I will let this sit til tomorrow and then mix it to a pulp (hopefully).

This will be mixed with a clay slip that I am making from all my clay off-cuts and bits all put into a bucket of water and mixed in exactly the same way as the paper.

Right! Now that the pieces have hardenend....


roof and building of the guest quarters


Here is the roof and building for the Guest Quarters..


Soldiers tower

Here is the start of the Soldiers Tower, this had to wait as the round towers are curved when they are still very soft.

balcony on the tower

Here is the detail of the wonderful overhanging balcony on the tower.

The tower

Here is the top of the balcony in place ready for the round tower, I did not cut the hole as per the plans as I am going to stick the round tower on the platform, a much more sturdy construction. Below are the last two pieces going into place, the round tower and then the roof section.

TTFN. Frederick

completed tower     Tower


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