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Castle Neuschwanstein

A Creation in Clay

(Part 2) The Gatehouse

In this part of the tutorial Frederick makes the front gatehouse of the castle.


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Day 2

creating the template

Anyway, here goes the 2 nd day. Here is the mess trying to translate Will's american measurements to metric and getting the templates cut ready to go!

The cardboard template parts

Here are the templates for parts 2 and 4, the gatehouse and the courtyard wall.

Note the roof is in one strip at this point, I changed our mind and did it as individual bits which was much more successfull.

cardboard everywhere

As you can see it was quite an operation, working of the laptop with Will's plans and cardboard bits flying everywhere!

Cutting the parts in clay

The remains after cutting out the gate house and the white bits are the templates for the courtyard wall #4.


Lay out the clay parts

Here are all the bits laid out drying to leather hard. This was last night.

Assembling the gatehouse

Gatehouse going together without the roof, had to make sure that the walls were parallel to ensure that the roof fitted....


drying the parts

This is blocking out the walls as they dry further so that they remain straight.


The courtyard wall

The courtyard wall in progress.

Adding the roof

Raising the roof! All this was happening while the gatehouse was drying further.

The roof

Here the roof sections are being put in place, quite a fiddly job due to the angles.

The completed gatehouse

Completed gate house!

Frotn of the gatehouse

Here is a front on shot of the gatehouse completed. I will probably be adding some crenulations as per the real castle tomorrow!

So day 2 complete *phew*!! I am actually enjoying this.


Next Continue on to the making of the Servants Quarters



Paper Nano Neuschwanstein Castle

Paper Nano Neuschwanstein Castle

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