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Castle Neuschwanstein


A Creation in Clay
(Part 4: The Kings Quarters, The Knights Quarters and the Knights Tower)


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Thursday March 22

Well with a lot of stuff going on in my life I have been a little slack this week and only managed to get the Knights Quarters and Tower and the Kings Quarters done.

BUT the good news is that the gatehouse, servant's quarters and tower and the courtyard wall went into the kiln for bisk firing last night. They will be fired during the week and will hopefully have some pics from the kiln later. I have been experimenting with glazes and colours for this exercise and will have some samples out of a glaze firing hopefully next week so I can decide what colour/glaze to use for the castle.

Anyway here goes what's been on the messy bench.....

Test Pots for colors

These are some test post for colours that I threw on the wheel.


The Knights Quarters parts

Here are the bits cut out for the Knights Quarters and 2 new towers for the front. I am not happy with the originals so will try again....


The completed Knights Quarters

Here is the completed Knights Quarters.

These are starting to get quite large and it is going to be interesting to see if I can continue to create these out of 4mm clay slabs or have to go up to 5mm.

The interesting thing is that I have to be very patient and do the construction at exactly the right time to get the slabs so that they don't sag and yet are still able to be worked!


The parts for the Knights Tower and the Kings Quarters

Here are the bits to construct the Knights Tower, and the Kings Quarters.


Roof Pieces for Knights Tower

Here are the roof pieces for the Knights Tower scored and ready to assemble


The Knights Tower Roof -assembled


Here is the tower roof together, once it hardens more I will burnish it and smooth it out.

Inside the Knights Tower Roof

Here is the roof on its side so you can see inside, I give the joins a good brush with slurry on the inside to fill any gaps.


The Knigs Quarters, the walls

Here is the start of the Kings Quarters going together....


The Knights Tower

Here is the Knights Tower. I have made a bit of an error on this one hence the join between the tower and the room. If this doesn't fire properly I will remake this with the sides in one piece not two.


The assembled Kings Quarters

Here is the Kings Quarters with roof on.

Doesn't look too big until.....


The Quarters of the castle all completed

So here we have the weeks work, 1 x Kings Quarters, 1 x Knights Quarters and 1 x Knights Tower.

The really good thing now is that I have found a neighbour just up the road who has a kiln and is going to sell me cheap firing space with her stuff so I won't have to wait for weeks to get these bits fired!!

Keep happy and hope everyone is having fun! Frederick.


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