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Added New Tutorial August 4 2006 How to make a shoebox diorama - The diorama is of a dragon and knight battling








Fantasy Swords - Our new section on swords of all kinds, movie, medieval and more. Fantasy swords


May 3 - I finished the cover for my upcoming novel. Here it is: (You can also listen to it for free chapter by chapter as a podcast. Go to the Podcast Page


April 28 The Free Podcast is up to chapter 15 now. You can listen to my second epic fantasy novel totally free.

April 22, 06 A lot of people ask about how to make a little money with a website. I make money with this site and you can too. There are no tricks and no sales pitches. Just practical advice on earning income with a good website. It's all about offering web visitors something of value. Make money with your website the honest way.


April 10, 2006 - I have a new website devoted to Epic Fantasy. Check it out at: www.epic-fantasy.com

March 2006 The Classical Guitar section has been totally renovated. It now has a clean look and much more material. Don't forget to change your bookmarks

October, 25, 05 - Added a new Movie review:Kingdom of Heaven

October 6, 05

Added several essays for writers in the "For Writers" section.

Oct 5, 05

Added some new pictures to the essay : "Ditto's answers to the meaning of life" In the Search for the meaning of life section

Oct 3, 05

16 Sep,05
Finding a gift for a science fiction fan
Are you looking for a gift to give to a science fiction fan? The first thing you have to do is understand his or her scifi or fantasy tastes. I have some tips and hints on understanding your scifi fan and also some great gift ideas starting as low as five bucks.

13 Sep, 05
Update to the Penny Quest
I have updated the Penny Quest by listing the current items with ebay. The Penny Quest is the result of an interesting dream I had.

Sep 4, 05 - I added concept drawings and paintings of my upcoming novel The Lefthanded Sword.
check it out here