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Eyeball Project - Arrow to the Eyeball


This is the most complicated of the eyeball projects but it is also very dramatic. And instead of glasses we use goggles for this one.

The tutorial on how to make the eyeballs is here




Use white pen to paint on, or use a sharp knife to scratch on a circular fake hole and a shattered pattern on the lens of the goggles.








Cut your arrow so that the feathered part is about eight inches. That will go on the outside of the goggles. And cut a small piece of arrow about an inch. This will go on the inside of the goggles.









Cut your eyeball in half and glue it to a tab of masking tape. That tab of masking tape is a folded over tape piece so it is doubled up. Add some extra hot glue around it. That will be blood and guts.








Put a big dab of hot glue on the pupil of the eye and stick your one inch piece right onto that pupil.









It is going to go like this. Try it to see if things are about right. Try to line up the arrow shaft with the circular fake hole you scratched on the lens.










Trim the tab and paint it red. Also paint that glue spot on the pupil.











Now glue that assembly into the goggles. You need two points of glue so it stays strong and stable. One point of glue is the arrow shaft to the lens and the other glue point is the tab to the side of the goggles.







Now glue the arrow shaft to the outside of the glasses. We used hot glue. You might need to experiment with various glues depending on what your goggles are made out of.









Add more hot glue to the outside so there are some nice blood drips then paint them red. And that's it! You are done!













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