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Eyeball Project - The Hanging Eyeball


This is an easy project that uses a pair of glasses or sunglasses and an eyeball with the optic nerve attached to it.

The how to make eyeballs project along with the video is here


The hanging eye


Paint a lens black

Paint the inside of one of the lenses black. Make it nice and dark.








Paint on cracks

Next use a toothpick and white paint to paint a shattered glass pattern on the outside of the lens. It should like like a hole was bust in the lens as if the eyeball popped right through it.







Add hot glue

Put a generous amount of hot glue right on that lens where the fake hole is.









Glue on the eyeball

And glue the optic nerve of that eyeball right to it. Add more glue as needed.









Touch up painting

Touch it up with red paint and you are done!














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