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Part 2: Assembling the Parts

In this part of the tutorial we assemble the beehives.

You can use nails or screws to assemble the hive parts together. We are using screws.

Screw for the hive


Apply a wood glue to the joints.

Apply wood glue


And assemble four parts to make a box. The parts should be a snug fit so a mallet will help a lot in the assembly. (Notice: The glue will squeeze out and run on the wood. Don't forget to wipe all that excess glue off before it sets. You can do it a bit later after all the screws or nails have been inserted).

Use a mallet to assemble


Keeping everything square is very important. If the boxes aren't perfect rectangles once assembled they will not line up well when you put them together so use a carpenters square to check everything, get things nice and square right angles.

Use a carpenter's square to check assembly


Once the four parts are glued, assembled and squared put a few screws or nails in it to hold it. Once on each corner is good.

Put a few screws to hold it


And do a quick test by adding some frames. Just to check that everything is good.

Test the assembly with frames


Once you are satisfied that everything is good go ahead and put in all the screws or nails to finish the assembly of each box.

Finish the build by putting all the screws


Once you have all the boxes assembled stack them up the see how they all look.

Make a beehive stack

It looks great! We make two of these hives.

The completed beehive


NextOkay, We are going to do some further work on our two hives including another coat of stain and fiberglass resin as a sealant. Continue


10 frame starter hive

10-Frame Basic Starter Kit, Completely Assembled, Painted,

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  • Kit includes one painted 10 frame 9-5/8-inch assembled hive body, ten 9-1/8-assembled wood frames with yellow waxed RiteCell foundation, painted bottom board with entrance reducer, and painted telescoping cover with inner cover
  • Also contains one large pair of economy leather gloves, one Alexander bee veil, one smoker with guard, one hive tool, and the Starting Right with Bees book
  • Measures 22-inch length by 18-1/2-inch width by 13-1/7-inch height