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How to Sculpt a Miniature BattleMage - Part 3

In this part of the tutorial we begin the actual sculpting of the figure.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here



The two parts of procreate

Let's start with the epoxy clay. This is something called a two part epoxy. One part is a resin and the other part is a hardener.

When you mix them together a chemical process begins and in about two hours it will be hardened.

So, you have about two hours to work on any batch you make.

But, you can always mix more for your figure at any point. I will show you this.


Measure out equal parts

Tear off equal parts of each of them and in order to see they are about equal you make balls of them. Notice how one is white and one is black.


Mixing the two parts

Knead those two balls together until it is a nice uniform grey color.


Start with a sketch

Now we are going to apply the clay in stages to the armature. And we do it according to major muscle groups like you see in the picture here. We form balls and oblongs of clay and apply them to the armature.


Start filling out the body

So, go ahead and tear off pieces of the procreate, knead them into balls and oblongs and apply them to the armature like this.

But, don't do the arms or the staff for now. We will do those later. If there is clay on those parts it gets in the way of working on the torso.


Continue filling the body

And, depending on your miniature be sure to rotate it around and add parts in the back as needed. Here you can see I added the gluteus muscles.

This is the nice thing about having the miniature mounted to a cork. You can handle it easily, and rotate it easily as you need to.


Start the shaping

Now you can start the actual sculpting. Yay! Get it to medium detail level. No need at this point to get the exact final details. But you can see here how not yet having the arms on makes it so much easier to work on.

Have some fun with this. You are at the most important yet most fun stage.


Add more epoxy

And you can roll out and add small pieces of clay as you need it.


Add shoulder

Once you have the body and legs in pretty good condition you can then move on to adding the arms and the staff.


The first arm is added

The first arm is now added. You can work on it to bring it into the shape you want.

Now, at this point my clay was starting to become unworkable. It was getting very stiff and resistant to the tools. So I simply mixed up another small batch and started using that.

You can do this as often as you need to.


Start the staff

Then we add the staff.


Sculpt the staff

For the center part of the staff I rolled out a snake of the clay then pressed it on.

NextOk, Let's continue with the tutorial


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