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About Servo Drivers


A servo driver is a neat little device that comes in handy if you are working on RC airplanes. Typically when you have all the servos installed in your plane and you want to test them you have to put everything together and crank up the transmitter then operate the servo from the transmitter. That's ok but it can be a hassle.

They make these neat little devices called servo drivers (typically cost about 20 dollars) and they are just a little electronic box that you hook the battery up to then hook the servo up to. And you can control all the functions of the servo right from the little box. Neat device that saves time.

Here is a picture of a servo driver.

A servo driver

This picture shows the servo driver connected to the servo and the battery pack. Now you can test it by pressing the buttons or turning the knobs. The connectors are all standard so you can hook it up to a servo that is mounted in your plane. This is a nice little troubleshooting tool and it comes in handy.

Servo, driver and battery pack


Your local RC shop should have them and they are also available on Amazon.com

Servo DriverEMO1003 Servo Driver

This is the exact one I bought and use.




Servo DriverDigital Servo Driver

Our Servo Driver is ideal for setting up a model or making adjustments without the use of a radio system. Use it at the flying field while your transmitter is impounded. The Servo Driver operates off a single 4.8 Volt receiver battery pack. You can even use the battery pack in your model. It operates a servo (or electronic speed control) from stop to stop. Simply connect the battery and a servo directly into the driver. Rotate the knob and the servo will follow. Turn the knob to the extreme left position and the servo will continuously slew slowly from end to end. Great for measuring linkage friction, interference, etc. Universal Female connectors are compatible with Futaba "J", Hitec, "JR" and Airtronics "Z".


A 10 WarthogMake the A-10 Warthog Plastic Model

This is a 1:48 Scale Revell model. It is a good size with some weight and detail. I take you through the steps to making this model and I have a video to go with it. Make the A-10 Warthog