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Model Airplane Video Tutorials


Electric Beginners Plane

This is the video tutorial for the Megatech Night Flyer Model Airplane. This is a good place to start if you want to learn about flying your own RC airplanes. I have some basic information here. I take a look at what comes in the kit and I show you a flight. This video is a companion to my webpage about this plane The Megatech Night Flyer Airplane Page








Electric plane (Japanese Zero) and Bigger

This is a look at the Japanese Zero electric airplane including taking it out of the box and flying it. I look at all the major parts of this airplane and show you how the controls work.








Gas Powered ARF Plane and much bigger!

This video shows a more advanced and much bigger Gas Powered ARF airplane. This is part one of a series of videos on this type of airplane. I show you the unboxing of it and the various parts.






How to start a gas powered RC airplane. I also have this in a web based tutorial that shows you how to start it and how to set up your fuel jug and fuel it up.