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The MegaTech Night Flyer Model Airplane

Megatech Night FlyerI took a lot of time looking through all the various remote control airplanes that are offered on amazon.com and finally I settled on this one for a couple of different reasons. The price was my first criteria and this plane is complete and inexpensive. All I had to add was 8 AA batteries. This is a consideration in the price though! And if you are going to get this plane or something like it I recommend you get rechargeable batteries. The second reason for this plane is the ease of assembly. There is just a little bit of assembly required.


Megatech parts

Here are the parts that come with it. The wing unit is a single piece that easily attaches to the fuselage with a couple of rubber bands. Also of note is the wheel assembly and the radio controller.

A nice thing about this plane is that the battery that goes inside the plane (in the picture its green) is recharged directly from the radio controller. This way you can charge it up outside without having to return home. This is important because you are only going to get about 5 minutes of flying time between recharges. And recharging the battery takes about ten minutes which is convenient.

This is a basic Two Channel Airplane. One channel controls th

e propellor and the other channel controls the rudder which turns the aircraft left and right.

Some Tips and Hints

This isn't a super duper airplane. It is just an inexpensive plane that will get you started in the hobby. You will get it flying in no time but I recommend you do it only when there is no wind or very little wind. I flew mine very easily in no wind. But once the wind started up I couldn't get it to fly well. If you are a beginner to RC Airplanes I have a Beginners guide to RC Airplanes here The Guide explains the channels and parts of an aircraft and gives you some beginner tips.


A plane like this, and well all planes are designed to be very light yet durable. This one is made from plastic and foam and it is reasonably durable. I crashed mine more than a few times and it has held up well. The propellors do break and you are going to need the extras that come with this kit.

Watch the Video of this Plane I show you the parts and there is a little bit of footage of it flying.