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Second Flight with the RC Airplane

Ok, the most important thing about learning to ride a horse is that when you fall off you have to get back on. Well, same thing applies to learning the art of flying RC airplanes. If you crash your plane you have to fix it, forget about the crash and fly it again! This is exactly what I did. Although I didn't have to fix my plane. I just had to tweak the controls a bit. This second video shows a little bit about the flight. Did I crash it again? Watch and find out :)


Oh and somebody at the airfield had a big beautiful P51 Airplane. Big engine that really growled. The engine and prop were so big that you couldn't use a regular electric starter on it. You had to do it by hand. You can see some of this plane in the video.

And if you haven't seen the footage of my first flight (with a camera mounted to the bottom of the plane) that video is here


Airplane startingNew Tutorial - Starting an RC Airplane engine. There is a little bit to understand if you are new to the hobby. I have a complete tutorial that shows you how to fuel it up and start it. This also includes a video. How to Start an RC Airplane