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Three - May 9, 07

This is a seed of thought that had occurred to me yesterday but I am going to share it with you today. It seemed to me that rather than having two thoughts for you in one day I should save this one for its own entry.

I planted my first seeds yesterday and some of these seeds were the sunflowers that I had harvested last year. But I had so many of them that I really didn't want to plant them all - I thought it would be nice to share them so I threw a handful of them on the walk along the garden and then sat in my window with a camera so I could share with you pictures of who enjoyed my sharing.

squirrel and me in the gardenThere are a few squirrels in the neighborhood and I figured they would remember the sunflower seed fun that we had last year.

Here is mr squirrel poking around the edge of the garden. He quickly noticed that I had left bread and seeds out and he rushed on over. He grabbed some bread and left to enjoy it in a safer spot. This is the only picture I got of him.



ditto in the window

By "safer spot" I just mean away from the house. After all I do have a cat and I am sure that my cat and mr squirrel have had a tussle or two. Here is Ditto my cat sitting in the window. This is the window I sat in with my camera waiting to get a pic of the squirrel taking some of the shared sunflower seeds.



I never did get a picture of the squirrel taking some seeds because he flirted around, took some bread, ran off and slowly came back. This was a process he followed with his own rhythm and I found myself getting impatient sitting in the window with a camera. Why won't you cooperate? I thought to myself. And this is the thought I want to share with you today.

There are rhythms in the world and they don't often cooperate with you. But you see, this is only the way you see it. as: "not cooperating" with your schedule. This is a key facet of being human. We manipulate and massage the world to cooperate in our things. We change things to fit us. It is what makes us unique as human beings - the ability and desire to modify the world around us. It is a powerful and often beautiful thing. But, understand, that you don't always have to do this, or be disappointed when it doesn't do it for you.

On some days the world decides to follow it's own schedule - and that's ok. You should see it and enjoy it.

PS - all the seeds are gone today.