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Thoughts on life while gardening

Two hands, some soil, and seeds






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Seven - A little bit at a time: There is power and strength in little steps

Today I gave some thought to the power of small steps. It is quite an amazing thing to begin something in a very small way and to continue develop it. This applies to the garden of course but it also applies to anything in life. I think that too often we put off beginning something new because it seems like too much work, too much effort, or just plain too much. But if you have always wanted to do something I suggest you make today the day to start. It could be anything you desire. Just do something little that moves you in that direction. I can't tell you what it is you want to do; only you can know that but let's say you always wanted to learn how to play an instrument or paint with oils or write a novel. Make today the day you begin.

To begin a novel only takes one sentence. To connect better with your significant other only takes a few words.

Take a small step today. Life is too short and time passes too quickly.


The garden is doing well. Today I planted the seeds I found along with some other seeds. And the flowers around the bird bath are doing great.

And I have a gift for you today :) Here is another webpage that I have created and I am sharing it with you. I hope you enjoy it: A sideways search for the meaning of life