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Trebuchet FAQ (frequently asked questions)

The Trebuchet is an interesting siege machine. This page has answers to commonly asked questions about them.



  • Who Invented the Trebuchet?- This isn't really known. Their beginnings are shrouded and lost to time.
  • When was the Trebuchet first created? - They started appearing during the 12th century. I have a more comprehension of the history of the trebuchet right here.
  • Is the trebuchet more powerful than the catapult? - Yes, actually. Trebuchets can be built larger and throw larger projectiles than catapults.
  • How far can a trebuchet throw a projectile? Pretty darn far. But it depends on the size and power of the trebuchet. 300 yards or more for the bigger ones.
  • Can you build a trebuchet? You sure can. Of all sizes. I have plans and tutorials right here in this section of the website.