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Two Fun, Safe and Easy Pranks

"The Dismembered finger in the box and the Rattlesnake in the envelope."

These are two pranks that are easy to make and a lot of fun. Watch as your friends are startled! Here are some basic instructions on how to make these pranks and I also have a video that shows you everything. It's at the bottom of this page.. You only need a few basic supplies.

The Dismembered Finger Prank

The picture below shows what the open box looks like. You put the cover on it and tell your friend you found something in the woods. And make him promise not to tell anyone about it or you won't show him.

dismembered finger prank

The secret to this prank is to cut a hole in the bottom of the box and insert your finger through it.

the secret to the prank

It also works great with a box of chocolates. Make sure there are chocolates in the box! I ate all mine. Then you offer somebody a chocolate. When they take the cover off they get a surprise. Remember that adding a little bit of red paint makes it much more realistic.

box of chocolates works good too

The Rattlesnake in the Envelope Prank

You hand somebody an envelope and when they open it it shakes and makes a noise like a rattlesnake. This prank gets em every time.

rattlesnake prank

The secret is to make yourself a little set up with a piece of coat hanger, two rubber bands and a washer. Just like shown in the picture below.

The secret to the prank

Wind up the washer nice and tight then place it in the envelope and close the cover. Then give it to somebody. When they open it up it shakes like a rattlesnake.

wind it up and close the envelope





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