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The Creativity of it: The Fantasy Map

On the thought of blending interests

The Big Fantasy map was a fun and interesting project. And it ties together a few different projects and disciplines that I like. First off I had to make a big sheet of paper. That was fun. I absolutely love paper making. And secondly this project ties into the wizards globe which is a fun project.

Both this fantasy map and the wizard's globe depict the same exact world which is the world in my upcoming novel The Left Handed Sword



I am building a video studio to shoot youtube videos. This is how it looks so far. It is a wizard's lair. And it is a fun project. And of course a wizard's lair should have lots of stuff in it including maps! So that is where the big fantasy map comes in. I plan on putting it where the blue poster board currently is. You can learn more about the wizard's lair here.



So, this project of making a fantasy map is something that ties together a whole bunch of other things. There is a certain beauty in that for me. It kind of wraps everything together very nicely.


The Big Fantasy Map


Laying out a grid

So that's the creativity of this project. And to do it I laid out very lightly a grid on the paper.


A grid on the globe

Then I copied the terrain over from the globe.


Painting the map

And then I painted it out.




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