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Behemoth - The ten foot Trebuchet - assembly page 4
( a look at the building process)

This is page 4 of the assembly process. In this part we take a look at how the trebuchet was assembled together. : The behemoth trebuchet


Let me give you a general outlook on how we put this thing together.

This picture shows the first ten beams of the trebuchet in place. At this point nothing is bolted down. You have the four base pieces which are half lapped together and you have the four uprights which have tenons on them both top and bottom. And you have the top two pieces which have the mortise in them.

This is the basic structure of the trebuchet. From here it is mostly just details.


We added more pieces of wood to strengthen it. Here you can see on each side of the trebuchet we added a vertical piece and a horizontal piece. We didn't do any mortise and tenon. We just cut out grooves where the pieces of wood fit. The added uprights are 4x4 and the added horizontal pieces are 2x4's.

Next we drilled the saddle holes so the pivot could sit inside. These are 3 inch holes and to make it easy we clamped both pieces of wood together side by side. This way we could drill one hole and each piece of wood had half a hole.

Now we turned down on a lathe a 4x4 so it was three inch round and set it into the saddles. We pinned it in place with just some doweling. But the picture below shows the swing arm has been mounted. Do not pin your pivot down until the swing arm is mounted!


NextLet's continue on with the building of this trebuchet

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