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Behemoth - The ten foot Trebuchet - assembly page 5
( a look at the building process)

This is page 5 of the assembly process. In this part we take a further look at how the trebuchet was assembled together. : The behemoth trebuchet


The swing arm is a ten foot piece of 2x8. We drilled a three inch hole for the pivot to pierce through. I will add the measurement for this. And we used a circular saw to taper down about half of the length. The full ten foot length is used for the trebuchet.

Trim the swing arm


Let's take a look at the dimensions of the behemoth. Here are two drawings but.... and I hate to say it.. none of these dimensions are accurate. This is just to give you an idea of the lengths and the configuration of how it is built. It should be of help though if you are building this. You have to lay it out yourself and do all the measuring. Be sure to allow lots of extra if you are going with mortise and tenon etc. If you want, I did shoot a video of me taking some dimensions. It might be of help. It is a windows media file (wmv) about 8.3 meg in size. (download here)


trebuchet plan



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