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Lots more Mead making pics

This is page 12 of mead pictures. WOw, you really love mead. Or you are very curious about the making of it. It really is quite easy and you can have a batch going in no time at all. It will be fun!

If you are teetering on whether or not to make some I say go for it!

Here is my tutorial on how to make your first batch of mead.


This page has grown to be quite big so I have split up the pictures across several pages.

Here are four batches of mead that Kim has brewing. From left to right: Bochet, Clementine Cyser,  Sweet Raspberry Melomel, and an Orange Blossom Varietal.  My thanks go to her for sending in the pic!

Four batches of mead


Here is a batch of mead that was made by Eric. My thanks to him for sending in the pic! He calls it: "Ambrosia Nectar"

Four bottles of mead called Ambrosia



Here are four meads that were made by Phil. My thanks to him for this update! From left to right they are Blueberry, Blackberry, Strawberry, and Japapeno.

Four jugs of mead nicely cleared

Four bottles of mead in the 375 ml sized bottles

Are here are those four meads now bottled in gorgeous Ice Wine bottles to show off their colors.

Of the four Phil says that the jalapeno is his favorite. It has a wonderful jalapeno aroma and as it hits your tongue it is at first sweet then it bites back!








Eric's MeadHere is a picture of mead made by Eric. My thanks go to him for sending in the pic. This is the fast easy mead recipe and it is 12 hours into the ferment. The balloon is shaping up nicely!










Here are two pictures submitted by Mike. They show the same batch of mead after 30 days without the addition of any chemicals for clearing. You can see it just takes a little time and the mead will clear right up! My thanks to Mike for sending in these pics!

Mead before clearing Mead after clearing



Here is a picture of mead made by James. Wow, all bottled up and looking great! He calls it "the Tipsy Bee" meadery! My thanks go to him for sending the pic!








And here is another picture of Dave's Bottled Mead . Yummie :)










Here is a picture of a batch of mead made by Dave G. He spent some time perusing the website then settled on the beginners batch of mead with orange and raisins. And living in Florida he has access to some delicious florida seedless oranges! My thanks to him for sending in the pic!







This is a picture of mead made by Darryl.The pic is on day one. Here is what he has to say: First time making mead. Using your guides. 28 days in I racked and it smell and taste amazing. Like i just popped a bottled wine. Thank you so much for your guides.







Here is a picture of mead submitted by Andrew.

This is his first batch of mead and this is what he has to say about it:

My name is Andrew from south Florida. Just wanted to send you a picture of my first batch of mead! It's 3 pounds of honey, a gallon of water, 25 raisins, 1 orange, a tablespoon of cinnamon, 2 tablespoons of vanilla extract, yeast energizer, and of course 71B-1122 yeast. I hope you like the picture, and any tips would be great. Thanks!

BTW. Love the website.

My thanks to him for sending in the pic!!






Here is a picture of Rob's mead production. Looks to me like he is having a lot of fun! My thanks to him for sending in the pic! Here is what he has to say about it: Here's a picture of my first batch of mead after the first racking and a new batch - 1/2 mead 1/2 cherry melomel. I get honey in 5lb bottles, so I have been making 10lbs to 3 gallons of water - fills four gallon jugs nicely. I'll let you know how it turns out, but looking good so far. Thanks for your help.


Matt has sent in a series of pictures during mead making. Check them out right here



Here are two pictures of Melomels that Ryan has made. The one on the left is a raspberry/blackberry and on the right is an apple! My thanks to him for the pics and its great to see he is doing a one gallon and a six gallon!


Drunken Spider MeadHere is a traditional dry mead made by Sean. Its' bottled, labeled and capped. Looks fantastic and I love the name "Drunken Spider Meadery". My thanks to sean for submitting the pic.

And Sean's friend carved a drinking horn so they could enjoy the mead in the traditional way. Check out pics of the drinking horn here.










Here is a great example of improvising with your mead! Here is a pair of pics of Mike's mead. Mead has to be covered and protected from light as it is fermenting so... how about using a box! Great job, I love this kind of thing and my thanks to Mike for sending in the pics!!



Here are three batches of mead made by Bow. My thanks to him for sending in the pic! Here is what he has to say about these batches:

Using everything I could find on your great website I have started 3 different 1 gallon mead batches. Using 3 different honeys that I could find down here in Florida, 1 apple and cinnamon, 1 orange and raisin, and 1 with cinnamon and tea leaves. This picture just an hour after being made they already are showing signs of life. I wanted to thank you and everyone that contributes to stormthecastle. (He used the fast easy mead making method I have right here)


More Mead pics Page 13


A Note from Will: Want to make some Mead? You can check out my ebooks here




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