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  • Catapults - We have dozens of tutorials on how to make catapults of all shapes and sizes. They range from three feet in size to as small as popsicle stick. Easy ones and challenging ones.
  • Trebuchets - These are a bit different than catapults because they use a counterweight and gravity for power. I have a tutorial on how to make a massive ten footer and of course lots of smaller ones.
  • Terrariums -If you want to know anything about terrariums I have it! Everything from containers to plants and long term care of a terrarium.
  • Dioramas - These are probaby my favorite thing. I have so many of them you will be pleasantly surprised. Medieval ones, fantasy ones, and military ones. I also have lots of tutorials on how to make them, how to design them and more.
  • Mead Making - This is an ancient art that is experiencing a revival. I have all the tutorials you could possibly want.
  • Blacksmithing - This is another craft that has experienced a strong revival in the past few years. I have a forge and I show you all kinds of things including how to make swords and knives.
  • Bonsai - This is an ancient art and I have lots of tutorials on it including how to start bonsai trees from seeds.
  • Model Rockets - I used to love making and shooting model rockets when I was a kid. And now I am back at it!
  • RC Airplanes - This is a wonderful hobby and it is very rewarding. But it can be expensive.
  • Classical Guitar - I have been playing classical guitar for 30 years. It is one of my passions.
  • Stop Motion Animation - It might be a bit old school but it is a lot of fun. I have done lots of animations and I have lots of tutorials showing you how to make it.
  • Origami - All you need is a piece of paper to get started in this fun hobby.
  • Fantasy Art School - I have lots of tutorials on how to draw and paint fantasy stuff.
  • Miniatures - This goes hand-in-hand with dioramas and I have lots of tutorials on how to find the scale, how to make miniature objects and how to actually sculpt miniature figures.
  • Telescopes - This is another wonderful hobby and I have lots of fun and interesting stuff about astronomy, telescopes and even how to make telescopes.