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The Tell-Tale Heart part 4


In this part of the tutorial we finish off the project by putting it all together.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here



Apply glue

Apply glue to the bottom of the ring.


Install heart into box

And glue it into the box over the hole.


Make a fake hand with a glove

Stuff a glove with some kind of a stuffing materail. Make it as if it had a hand in it.


Install spreader into glove

Cut, insert, and glue a cardboard disk into the wrist of the glove. This holds the glove into a wrist shape.


Glue glove to box

Glue the wrist of the glove to the box like this. The wrist of the glove is just above the hole. And notice the bat on the box? That side of the box is the front of the box where the handle to open the lid is.


Glue the fingers down

And glue fingers down to the front of the box. This way it looks like the glove is grasping the box.


How to operate it

This is how it will work. Your hand will go in the hole near the glove. The glove gives the impression of being your hand.


Put your hand in

Put your hand in the hole and pin your sleeve to the base of the glove.


Will with the box

Hold it like this and you are ready to go. When somebody opens the box you pull and push on the hoops and the heart will beat. Nice job!


Eye in hand

Eye in the Hand

How to make eyeballs

How to Make eyeballs

popped eye

Simple popped Eye


Hanging popped eye

Hanging Popped Eye


Arrow through the eye

Arrow through the Eye


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