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The Origami Pajarita

This is a very old and traditional fold that was very popular in Spain in the early 20th century and the actual fold is believed to be much older. This is also a fold that has been made famous by the video game Heavy Rain.




Two men are credited with bringing origami into the modern age and with transforming it from a simple novelty to an art form with many variations. They dramatically increased the range of folds and possibilities. These two men were Miguel Unamuno of Spain and Akira Yoshizawa of Japan.

Unamuno was part of a paper folding movement (papiroflexia) in both spain and argentina but this movement did not spread to the rest of the world. It stayed pretty much to those countries. One of the more popular folds to come out of that movement was the Pajarita or Little bird.

Here is a fun look at the Heavy Rain Pajarita, kind of! I simulated the texture paper and the little drops of blood.

Heavy Rain Pajarita

Here is the video showing how to fold the Pajarita.


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