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Premium Origami Paper

Years ago I took a vacation in Japan. And while I was there I did a lot of shopping. And I was struck by how easy it was to get very high quality origami paper.

I am talking beautiful paper with amazing prints and amazing texture.

We are surrounded by lots of paper. But for the most part it is of a few different types. First there is printer paper. Then there is construction paper and maybe we have some exposure to art paper like you find in sketch pads.

And that is about it. But there is an astonishing array of paper. And the art of Origami has embraced this paper and made a special home for it. Nowadays you can get some spectacular paper with one click on amazon. SO... here is a selection of premium origami paper available on amazon.

And you are going to love it. This stuff is something more than paper. It all has a look and a feel to it that is unique.

Pattern of Japan "Kimono Pattern" Paper with Colored Figures Origami


Yuzen Chiyogami LARGE Set of 40 Sheets

These incredibly detailed and beautiful Origami papers are of the highest quality. The intricate designs are printed in a rainbow of bright colors and outlined in metallic gold and silver. The base paper is heavy duty professional grade rice paper. Each set includes 20 different patterned sheets and 20 contrasting solid color sheets. Each sheet is 5-7/8 inch square. This is a perfect packet for all decorative paper appications- scrapbooking book making collage decoupage Kirigami and Origami folding.


Washi Paper

Washi Paper - This is the term for Japanese handmade paper. And is considered to be the finest and most expensive paper. While it used to be hand made (and still is) It is now often machine made, but no less beautiful. Traditional Washi paper is made from the bark of the Gampi tree, the Mitsumata shrub, and the and the Kozo shrub. It can also be made from materials like bamboo, hemp, rice and wheat. Washi come from wa meaning Japanese and Shi meaning paper. If you are looking to make beautiful folds to display to others you might consider washi. Washi Paper is on amazon.com right here


Yuzen ChiyogamiYuzen and Chiyogami - These two terms for Japanese paper are today interchangeable but traditionally Yuzen paper had textile patterns on it and Chiyogami had repeating wood block patterns.

Chiyogami Paper on Amazon



Shinwazome Paper

Shinwazome Paper- This is thick textured paper that has embossed and raised patterns. It is paper that is often described as luxurioius and it often is embossed and detailed with gold highlights. Shinwazome Paper on Amazon



Momigami Paper:

Momigami Paper: A leather-like texture is a hallmark of Momigami paper. Made from the bark of the Mulberry Tree, Momigami Origami Paper provides durability and pliability. Use Ginburi Momigami Origami Paper for sculptures needing a crinkled texture. This Origami Pack contains 18 sheets of 6" Ginburi Momigami Paper. Each sheet is a different color allowing you to find exactly the right hue for each project. The Momigami Paper is double-sided with the same color on the reverse side.

Available on Amazon.com here