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Dragonslayer 7 Sanctum - Continued


Our dragonslayer has discovered a crystal in the meteor and it has guided him to his new home and his new life.



Building the set

The outer set of the sanctum was very similar to the meteor set. The terrain is cardboard, foam and plaster cloth. The steps are foam board.


The completed set

The final terrain has been put on. It is almost ready for filming.


THe flowers and stairs

A challenging aspect of this project was the addition of the flowers. I wanted them to bloom as he walked up the steps. This gives the impression that the crystal was inspiring them to bloom. This was a very time consuming part of the whole project. This ten seconds of animation took one 14 hour day of work.


Opening the door

Once he gets to the top he opens the door. And then we move on to the final set of the animation. The inside of the lair.


Next Let's continue and learn about the inside set


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