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The Smoke Generator Special Effects

I thought about all kinds of different ways I could do the smoke effect for this animation. In the end I went out and bought a smoke generator and it worked pretty good.

Now, technically you can't use smoke in a stop motion animation because it would really mess up the frame by frame shots. But what you can do is stitch in a little bit of live video right into the animation.

For example: The dragonslayer walks up to the word wall and stops right in front of it. This is all good and standard animation. Then we cut to another shot and run a video of the smoke pouring out of the wall.



Fog being generated

This picture shows the smoke coming out of the word wall and flowing into the character.


The fog generator in place

This picture shows the fog machine all set up and ready to roll. The dragonslayer is sitting on the left and taking a break from a long day of shooting. The big thing here is that I used a cardboard wine tube attached to the back of the shout wall. And it is sealed against the wall with hot glue so none of the smoke leaks out the sides.

The first picture, that shows the smoke, gives us a good look at how the smoke only came out of the word, as it was supposed to!


The figure at the fog wall

Another little detail is that I put a flashlight in tube. This gave the word a glow.


The figure waits for the fog

To get the smoke to go from the word wall and into the dragonslayer's chest I used a vacuum cleaner! Yup. And it worked pretty good. You can see the silver hose on the left.


Fog on the animation set

But of course we don't want to see the vacuum hose so I set up the camera so it was just out of shot. Just like you see here in the picture.


Fog Machine

Eliminator Lighting Fog Machines Fog It 700 Fog Machine

This isn't the exact fog machine that I used but it is about the same.




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