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Making Some Mead? Take a picture and send it to me! I will post it here on my website. Share your recipe too!



This page has grown to be quite big so I have split up the pictures across several pages.


Here is a batch of mead made by Karen. It looks amazing! We are going to take a little bit of liquid out of this batch to prevent overflow. My thanks to Karen for sharing the picture with us!!

Here are two batches of mead made by Joe. The bottled batch is a traditional mead. And in the gallon jug is a beautiful cherrry melomel. They look great! My thanks go to Joe for sharing the picture with us.



Artis is having a whole lot of fun making mead. He has three batches going. They are blueberry, blackberry and Peach. Here are pictures:





Michael has come up with his own recipe for mead. It is an ancient ingredient brew with elderberry and meadow sweet. He has also shared the recipe with us. It is on my mead recipe page here.


Joseph has just racked over a new batch of cherry mead. It looks good! Notice how he has it labeled with notes. Make sure you do this with your mead! It is easy to forget things over the course of a few months.


Michael is fermenting a blackberry lemon melomel. It looks amazing!! Look at that beautiful color! My thanks go to him for sharing the picture with us.

Here is a batch of mead made by Andrew and his twin brother. It is the first mead they ever made and it is a deep/rich blackberry, raspberry, mulberry! Nice! It came out so good they are trying to recreate it but are unsure as to the mix of berries!

My thanks go to Andrew for sharing the picture with us.


Here is a batch of mead that Brett is working on. Isn't this terrific. I asked him about the unusual set up. I had never seen one like this before. It is a plastic basket that came with the 9 gallon demijohn for a flat surface and lifting. It is nine gallons. terrific and unique little setup. My thanks go to Brett for sharing it with us.


Colin is having a whole lot of fun making mead. And he is experimenting with some great flavors. Here are the batches he has going right now. And below the pic I have included his notes. You have got to check out some of the flavors he is trying. Watermelon is a great example.


BlueBerryMead I used 4 pints of Blueberries, 1 gallon of water, and 4lbs of Honey. Blueberry Mead is usually my favorite!

HorehoundCandy This I made using 4 bags of "Claeys old fashioned hard candies" Horehound flavor I really enjoyed the slight herbal flavor and I hope it pairs well with the Honey.

PeachMead I used 6 peaches and 4lbs of honey for this batch of Peach Mead.

PlainMead I made the 1 gallon one first as a test for this new supply of Honey I am using great flavor and great price!

PremadeAppleCider This Apple Cider Mead is made with pre-made Apple cider purchased from the store I don't think it will be as good as the other Cider

PostmadeAppleCider I made this with 16 pounds of Fuji Apples and just recently added 2 Cinnamon sticks, Nutmeg, Allspice, and Cloves. I think this will be a great Apple Cider.

Strawberry I have 3 varying "strengths" of strawberry the more pale ones have less strawberry and the darker red is more strawberry ranging from 3lbs-4.5lbs of strawberries PER GALLON! Luckily they were 99 cents a pound!

Watermelon Mead My friend Elizabeth suggested this and I used a large seedless watermelon. It is still quite young but I think once it ages the subtle Watermelon flavor will shine.




Here is a picture of Lisa's first three batches of mead. Fron left toright they are Strawberry, Hibiscus/Ginger and Pumpkin Pie Spice. They look delicious! She tells us a little bit about them:

Strawberry - this one is still a bit cloudy as it's still 2 gallons of mead sitting on 3.5 lbs of Strawberries. I did put Pectic Enzyme in the fruit before putting it in the mead, hopefully this will clear with more time.

Hibiscus/Ginger - another 2 gallon batch that looks beautiful. When I first tasted it about 3 weeks ago it was horrible! It had an almost astringent taste to it, I thought maybe I'd used too much dried hibiscus, but now it tastes really good, like a nice dry red wine. I haven't decided yet if I will back sweeten it or not.

Pumpkin Pie Spice - I love the color and clarity on this one, the aroma is amazing and the flavor is good too.

Brett had a lot of fun making his first batch of mead. The process was so rewarding that he has gone ahead and made three more batches! They are From left to right blueberry, strawberry, and good Ole fashion original. My thanks go to Brett for sharing the pic with us.


Maxxwell currently has his first batch of mead fermenting. But he has gone ahead and started designing out his bottles. Here is a pic. Looks pretty good! I like the design, the label, the wax sea, and the name of the mead!! This is a fun part of the mead making process!!

My thanks go to him for sharing it with us.

Peter has been having some fun making mead. Here are some of his batches fermenting and a couple of completed bottles. He has achieved a nice look with these bottles which includes a twine wrapping and was seals. I like it!


Here is a batch of mead made by Brett. It is twenty days old and it looks great. Seems to me he has the mugs for it all ready to go! My thanks go to him for sharing the picture with us.


Here are two bottles of mead made by Michael. They look terrific. They are a traditional mead and a metheglin with some cinnamon, ginger, allspice, and nutmeg. I like the labels!

He also has sent of a picture of a home made auto-siphon that he made. What a great set up! My thanks go to him for sharing the pictures with us.

Here is a batch of mead made by Dakota. It looks great. My thanks go to Dakota for sharing the picture with us.


Casey has five batches of mead fermenting. They look fantastic and there are some amazing flavors: a Blood Orange, vanilla, dark cherry, Apple Cinnamon, and Blackberry. My thanks go to Casey for sharing the picture with us.

Sharon has been having a lot of fun making mead. She is experimenting with various flavors Here is a picture of her crababble and grape meads. Yummie and I love the decanters. My thanks go to her for sharing the pic with us.

Here are two batches of mead made by Frances. They look terrific! My thanks go to Frances for sharing the picture with us.

Clint has been making mead for three years now and it still as enthusiastic about as when he started. The pictures shown here are of his new plum citrus melomel and an oak barrel he purchased for an upcoming batch. The barrel is from and he highly recommends them.

Three bottles of mead


A keg of mead


Sif is a Norse Goddess with long golden hair and it is with this in mind that Erin has made a mead called Sif's Golden Mead. Looks delicious and after the first eight days it is already developing nicely.

Erin has included some wonderful ingredients:
1 Korean pear
2 inches fresh peeled ginger
1 cinnamon stick
1 Orange
1/2 c. Calendula flowers (marigold)
8 dried apricots, halved
1 crushed Campden tab, 48 hours before yeast pitch
4 medium toast French oak nuggets soaked in Bacardi gold (yes, it smelled as good as it sounds)

A batch of mead A look inside a pail of mead

Here is a batch of Earth Day Peach Melomel made by Mick. It is an organic mead and Mick uses some excellent techniques for keeping it chemical free including papaya to act as a pectic enzyme to break down the pectins in the peach. These pectins can cause a lot of cloudiness.

Here is the recipe:




Here are two batches of mead that David started on Christmas eve. Great holiday project! They look great and my thanks go to him for sharing the pic with us!!

Two gallons of mead

Here are two batches of Jolly Rancher mead made by Tom! Yup! He added Jolly ranchers to the mead. In one batch he used Watermelon had 58 watermelon and 10 green apple. The other one had 65 blue raspberry  both melted on low heat with honey. Sounds delicious and sweet!!! He tells us about them: Here are 2 batches of Jolly Ranchers mead. Watermelon on left and Blue Raspberry on right. One on right was made with Buckwheat honey.

Two gallons of mead

Tom has sent us an update on his mead. It is now bottled. And it looks great!! It is Watermelon on left "Dragons Drool" and Blue Raspberry on right "Pond Scum". I like it! And I love the labels.

Two bottles of mead


Here is a batch of mead made by Dale. He has friends doing lots of beer and wine so he thought he would try something different - Mead! Good choice! He tells us a little about it: Honey, peaches, pears, and rasins pitched with a white labs 720 mead yeast plus wyeast nutrients.

A batch of mead


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