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About Stamp Lift Fluid

It is an interesting that that since I have gotten more involved in the collecting I have been a bit frustrated by stamp hinges. If you buy stamps in collections you are going to run into the task of trying to get stamps out of albums with minimal damage. Hopefully no damage at all!

This is where stamp lift fluid comes in.



Stamp Lift Fluid

Here is the stamp lift fluid that I bought. It comes with a little brush which is a nice addition. I have plenty of small paint brushes. But not everybody does.

A bottle of stamp lift fluid

Supersafe Stamp Lift Fluid SLF

This new and improved version of Supersafe stamp fluid instantly and gently lifts stamps from backing paper and hinges. Supersafe also separates stamps which are stuck together.



This is what the directions on the bottle say:

To remove stamp from backing paper dip brush in fluid and coat back of paper. Wait several seconds, then peel off. Most stamps will dry flat after initial curling. SuperSafe stamp lift fluid is perfectly safe for all stamps.

To remove stamp from hinge, use brush to apply a small dab of fluid to the hinge. Wait several seconds then separate gently.

To remove sheets or blocks stuck together or stuck to backing paper, saturate by pouring fluid onto backing paper using pour spout.

Clean brush with cool water . Then wipe dry to preserve brush.



So let's Give it a try!

Stamps in an album

Here are two stamps hinged into an old album that we will remove.

Apply fluid to back

So, I flipped the page over and applied fluid to the back, right behind those hinged stamps.

I purposely applied a very modest amount to one stamp and I applied a liberal amount to the other stamps. Just to see if there was a difference in any way.

Lifting stamps

Now I waited a few seconds and with a pair of stamp tongs I lifted both stamps. Each was very easy to do. So, it is quite good to just apply a modest amount of the fluid to the back of the page.

The hinge on a stamp

So now we just have to remove the hinge from the stamp.

And I have a little bit of an interesting note here.

Apply fluid to hinge

I applied a dab of fluid to the hinge with the brush that comes with it. But I don't like the brush much. It is too big and bulky and the bristles are too stiff. Not much fine control here.

dab fluid on

So I switched to one of my own brushes. And I like it much much better. There is much more control and the softer bristles are much friendlier to the stamp and hinge.

I was a little surprised by this particularly because of earlier in this article I wrote about how nice it was to have a brush come with the lift fluid!

Lift the hinge

Now I waited about 15 seconds and I could peel the hinge gently off the stamp. It worked well. But there was a little bit of resistance. This is because the hinge is less soluble than the paper of the album page.


Will's final thoughts - The lift fluid works great! No damage to the stamp and it does the job quick. The brush is less than optimal so you probably want to use your own brushes. And one more thing. The bottle directions say use the pour spout but it doesn't come with a pour spout! It may seem a little pricey but you get a lot of fluid and you need so little for each stamp. So this bottle is going to probably last for thousands of stamps.

Here is a quick guesstimate: You need two drops per stamp. There are about 2400 drops in a four ounce bottle. So.... thats about 1200 stamps, give or take.



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