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About Stamp Mounts

Stamp mounts are a way to mount your stamps into books and booklets while keeping them safe and undamaged. This is a step up from using stamp hinges.

There is a trade off though when it comes to mounts versus hinges. The mounts cost more than the hinges. But, if you are keen on keeping the value of your collection at it's best stamp mounts are a good way to help ensure that.


How a mounted stamp looks

Here is a stamp in a stamp mount. And it is secured into a book.


Lifting a mounted stamp

You only adhere part of the mount so it is easy to get the stamp in and out.


This picture shows you how to mount a stamp. You wet the back of half the mount and stick it to the book. Then you can lift up the other half of the mount and slide the stamp in. Release it and it sits flat like the other stamps in the album.

Mounted stamps


Stamp Mount Sizes

There are a whole lot of different stamp sizes. So there are of course a whole lot of different size stamp mounts! Here are the four most common mount sizes. They are the horizontal commemorative, vertical commemorative, vertical definitive and horizontal definitive.

Four different mounted stamps


The Backing Color of Mounts

There are two different types of backgrounds on mounts the black and the clear. Which type you use is up to you and personal taste. I like the black background better and they are the more popular choice.


Strips of Stamp Mounts

This is a more economical way to mount your stamps. The strips can be used for strips and coils of stamps but these strips can also be cut to the size needed for individual stamps.

Strips of stamp mounts


You can cut strips of stamp mounts with scissors. But you can also buy a cutter that makes perfect cuts.

Stamp Mount Cutter by Lighthouse 180mm

Stamp Mount Cutter, Cuts Mounts Up to 180mm, Self Sharpening,
With Attachable Measuring Scale



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