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Collecting Topicals

The term "topicals" is a stamp collecting term that describes collecting certain subjects on stamps.

For example I love to collect space and astronomy stamps. That would be a topical. Seeing as there are lots and lots of stamps about all kinds of subjects chances are good if you are interested in a certain subject you can collect it in stamps!

It adds a whole new level of fun and joy to stamp collecting. Because it is not just about the stamps it is also about the subject covered by the stamps.

I highly recommend you give topicals a try.

I have a list of topical stamps for sale right here


As of the writing of this article I collect two different topicals: Astronomy related and Castle Related. If you are a regular to this website you know I love these subjects so I really enjoy these stamps! I plan on expanding my topicals and maybe do bonsai too. We will have to see. As my topical collection grows I will add to this web page.

How do you keep your topical stamps?

You can keep them any way you like but one of the best ways that you can easily keep them, accumulate them and display them is in a stockbook. That is a book specifically designed to hold and display a variety of stamps in an aesthetically pleasing way.
Here is a quick look at my stockbook collection of castle stamps. I have more about stockbooks right here

My topical album for castle stamps  

A look inside the castle booklet

Here is a look at some of my topical stamps.



Mount Palomar stamp

Here is a 1948 stamp depicting the Palomar Observatory. I love this stamp even though it is pretty basic. There are very few stamps that depict actual observatories.

The Hubble telescope has had a profound effect on humanity, in my opinion. It has been commemorated by quite a few different stamps. these are among my favorites. They depict actual pictures taken by the hubble.

These are available on Edwin Powell Hubble space Stamps 20 x 33 cent us post

Hubble stamps


Copernicus stamp

Available on amazon Nicolaus Copernicus Set of 4 x 8 Cent US Postage Stamps NEW Scot 1488

The Copernicus stamp was issued in 1973 commemorating 500 years since his birth.


I love this set of two stamps.

A decade of achievement pair of stamps

The first american space flight was by John Glenn in 1961. This pair of stamps commemorate ten years of achievement in space.




This website is so it is probably obvious that I have a thing for castles!!! Yup! I sure do! So I also collect stamps that commemorate them. For this subject though I have to stick with world wide stamps. Not a whole lot of castles here in America but that's ok!

Castle stamps


Edinburgh castle stamp  

Foreign country castle stamps


More castle stamps  

 Luxembourg castle stamp


A blacksmithing stamp

The U.S. postal service put out one blacksmithing stamp in 1977 commemorating blacksmithing and their role in our fight for independence. Their blurb about the blacksmith is that he shod horses and constructed metal fittings for the cannons.



How about Knights and King Arthur?

King Arthur Stamp

This is a stamp from a beautiful series published by the island country of St. Vincent. The series commemorates the life of legend King Arthur. I love these stamps. Collecting series of stamps about knights and medieval subjects is a little bit tricky and sparse but you can do it. There just aren't any in the US collection of stamps but other countries have them.




The series of eight stamps

Eight king arthur stamps


Some more popular topical subjects:

  • Animals
  • Archaeology
  • Architecture
  • Automobiles
  • Baseball
  • Birds
  • Butterflies
  • Cats
  • Chess
  • Children
  • Christmas
  • Dinosaurs
  • Disney
  • Dogs
  • Elvis Presley
  • Fairy Tales
  • Fish and Fishing
  • Flags
  • Flowers
  • Geology
  • Lighthouses
  • Military
  • Music
  • Olympics
  • Penguins
  • Presidents
  • Religion
  • Roses
  • Sports
  • Stamps on Stamps
  • TEchnology
  • Whales
  • Women
  • World War II




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