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Books about Stamps, collecting and reference

On this page I have a series of stamp collecting books. By books I mean books that help you learn about stamps and the hobby of collecting them.

If you are looking for those books that you put stamps in those are called albums! This difference can be confusing for beginners but I have a page with stamp albums right here.




US Pocket Stamp Catalogue

Scott 2014 US Pocket Stamp Catalogue (Scott U S Pocket Stamp Catalogue)

The world's best stamp catalogue under $25. It is the perfect catalogue to take along to shows, club meetings or just to have close by when searching on the computer. Features listings and values for more than 4,000 stamps, plus full color stamp illustrations all identified by Scott Catalogue numbers. Pages are designed to be used as a convenient inventory and checklist.


Us Pocket Stamp Catalogue

Scott 2015 Us Pocket Stamp Catalogue (Scott U S Pocket Stamp Catalogue)


Blackbook Price Guide

The Official Blackbook Price Guide to United States Postage Stamps 2015, 37th Edition

The Official Blackbook Price Guide to United States Postage Stamps 2015 is an indispensable, easy-to-use sourcebook for collectors. Filled with the most current values and the latest market reports, this guide has all the information you need to become a knowledgeable collector of stamps.

Features Include:

. Listings by Scott number for every stamp ever issued
. Thousands of illustrations for easy identification
. An updated market review that traces current trends in collecting and investing
. Exclusive prices for first day cover, mint sheets, plate blocks, line pairs, and PNCs
. Extensive information on buying, selling, and grading stamps at auctions, online, and through the mail


The Complete Guide to Selling Your Stamps

Top Dollar Paid!: The Complete Guide to Selling Your Stamps

Wondering how to get the highest price for your stamp collection? Best selling Top Dollar Paid! - The Complete Guide to Selling Your Stamps takes the mystery out of it and helps ensure maximum profit. It's a concise factual guide and an entertaining, revealing, behind-the-scenes narrative about the real-life world of stamp dealing written by veteran dealer, Stephen R. Datz, whose decades of experience include arranging for the sale of President Gerald R. Ford's collection-and making sure he got top dollar for it. Critically acclaimed, Top Dollar Paid! is an absolute must for anyone who buys, collects, invests, or is in the market to sell. Newly revised and updated.




Official Stamp Collector's Bible

Official Stamp Collector's Bible

With many millions of active collectors in America, stamp collecting is hot. The Official® Stamp Collectors Bible is the ultimate compendium for all things philatelic. This book is jam-packed with practical advice on every aspect of collecting and trading. Novices will learn how to start a collection, how to buy and sell, how to develop good Internet auction strategies, how dealers price stamps, and how to find the best insurance. Experienced collectors will find a thorough history of mail and stamp collecting, sources for stamps worldwide, and tips to finding valuable treasures. Peppered throughout are anecdotes from leading authority and best selling author Stephen R. Datz himself, who has more than forty years of experience in the field. Featuring more than 500 photographs and illustrations, this book is the most exhaustive and indispensable guide of its kind.


Guide to Stamp Collecting

Guide to Stamp Collecting (Collector's Series)

From America's leading experts, your ultimate Guide to Stamp Collecting

Whether you've always wanted to start a stamp collection or already have the beginnings of one, this is the definitive guide to becoming a smart and savvy stamp collector, with information on everything from the history of stamps to surprising celebrity philatelists to the best way to remove stamps from envelopes.


The Complete Guide to Stamps & Stamp Collecting

The Complete Guide to Stamps & Stamp Collecting: The ultimate illustrated reference to over 3000 of the world's best stamps, and a professional guide ... and perfecting a spectacular collection


Linn's Complete Stamp Collecting Basics

Linn's Complete Stamp Collecting Basics

Whether it is the thrill of the hunt, thoughts of exotic locales, or learning something new, stamp collecting can be an adventure filled with wonderful memories. Share this passion or explore new collecting interests in this easy-to-read, fully illustrated guide, Linns Complete Stamp Collecting Basics. Written by Scott Stamp Monthly editor Michael Baadke, this comprehensive book will help you start enjoying the stamp hobby and will serve as an essential reference for years to come.

Here are just a few of the subjects covered: Where to find the stamps you want for your collection; How to safely remove stamps from envelopes - and when to leave them on; How to store and display your stamps safely; How to identify your stamps and learn their value; Important facts to consider when buying collectible stamps; How to measure perforations and die cuts; and How to check for watermarks and tagging.

With a complete subject index and an extensive glossary that explains the most commonly used stamp hobby terminology, Linns Complete Stamp Collecting Basics is an all-in-one information source that every stamp collector will enjoy.


Stamp collecting book

Stamp Collecting

A perennial favorite, newly revised and updated! Stamp Collecting contains everything you need to know to get started. Written by long-time stamp dealer and philatelic author Stephen R. Datz, Stamp Collecting covers the essentials in a series of convenient, easy-to-use chapters. Datz makes use of his experience and intimate knowledge of the hobby to explain how to go about obtaining the maximum enjoyment from philately. Profuse illustrations augment the text. Perfect for anyone interested in discovering the fun of the World's Most Popular Hobby!


Stamp Collecting For Dummies

Stamp Collecting For Dummies

With so many stamps to collect from so many countries, a philatelist's choices are virtually unlimited--which can be both a blessing and a curse, especially if you're a newcomer to the art of stamp collecting.

Interested in starting a stamp collection, but not sure where to begin? This is the guide for you. Expert Richard Sine fills you in on everything you need to know about selecting, finding, buying, presenting and caring for stamps. An internationally recognized collector and author on stamp collecting (he used to write the New York Times stamp column) he also has much wisdom to impart to collectors who've been at it for a while. A gold mine of expert advice and guidance.


Stamp collecting book

Stamp Collecting: The Definitive-Everything you ever wanted to know: Do I have a one million dollar stamp in my collection?

For those who have inherited a stamp collection, want to start a collection, also for an advanced collector, beginning stamp dealer, advanced stamp dealer or wish to know if they have a one million dollar stamp in their collection.


Blue Mauritius: The Hunt for the World's Most Valuable Stamps

Blue Mauritius: The Hunt for the World's Most Valuable Stamps

Follow the adventures of the world's most sought-after postage stamps-from a tropical Indian Ocean island to the hushed atmosphere of the modern auction room-in this dramatic and passionate tale of the first stamp hunters. In September 1847 colored squares of paper were stuck on to envelopes and used to send out admission cards to a fancy-dress ball on the tropical island of Mauritius. No one at the party would have guessed that these stamps would one day be worth more than a million dollars. When a two-pence "Blue Mauritius" surfaced on the fledgling French stamp-collecting market in 1865 it gained instant celebrity. Soldiers, schoolboys, and the entire German nation became obsessed with finding one of these extremely rare examples. When in 1903 a perfect specimen, discovered in a childhood album, was bought at auction by the Prince of Wales, the Blue Mauritius gained superstar status. Even now, "Post Office Mauritius" stamps are synonymous with fame, wealth, and mystery. The most coveted scraps of paper in existence, this is their story-from their birth during days of sail, taking them from Port Louis to Bordeaux, India and Great Britain, Switzerland and Japan, into the hearts and imagination of collectors everywhere.




A First Stamp Album for Beginners

A First Stamp Album for Beginners: Revised Edition (Dover Children's Activity Books)

Here is the ideal introduction to the educational, fun-filled hobby of stamp collecting--the most popular hobby in the world. With pictures of more than 1,100 stamps from over 200 countries (and spaces for at least 1,500 more!), this inexpensive album and guide also contains many useful hints and tips on building a collection, as well as an easy-to-use Stamp Identifier Table, Glossary, and Index.


Focus on Stamps

Focus on Stamps

A guide to stamp collecting as a hobby, illustrated with colour artwork and photographs.


Start Collecting Stamps

Start Collecting Stamps

For kids, here's the perfect introduction to beginning a collection. Each title in this redesigned series includes an information-packed paperback guide that explains the history of the category, famous specimens, a poster, and tips on how to begin and care for your collection. Some samples are included to start you off, plus you get a nifty collectors box and tray to house your stuff!




Free ebook

New - I have a selection of books on stamp collecting that are in the public domain. You can download them here. Free Books on Stamp Collecting


A Little bit different!


The Wild Side

The Wild Side

Noted philatelic author Stephen R. Datz takes readers on an eye-opening journey into the side of stamp collecting and dealing that most have never hear about. Datz chronicles his first-hand encounters with philatelic con-men, crooks, and scammers. Meet a rogues gallery of shadowy characters, eccentrics and even murderers-all real people inhabiting the dark underside of philately. Absolutely spellbinding-you will not want to put the book down! The second in Datz's trilogy about the stamp business.


Stamp Counterfeiting

Stamp Counterfeiting: The Evolution of an Unrecognized Crime

"Stamp Counterfeiting" looks into an intriguing crime that originated in Chicago in the 1890s - the so-called Gilded Age, when charlatans and crooks flocked to the cities to make their fortune by nefarious means. Covering the period from 1894 to 1940, author H.K. Petschel delves into the true crime cases that flourished as criminals of all stripes began to try their hand at counterfeiting stamps, ranging from the lone operator running a printing press in his living room to the organized crime syndicates. A former postal inspector who investigated many of the postal counterfeits in the 1970s, Petschel examines the evolution of the U.S. Secret Service and U.S. Postal Inspection Service as they attack stamp and currency counterfeiting. His book is an enthusiastic look at the historical record on the fakery of these "fascinating little bits of paper."


The Error World: An Affair with Stamps

The Error World: An Affair with Stamps

From the author of Mauve, an obsessively readable memoir that brings the mania for stamp collecting to life From the Penny Red to the Blue Mauritius, generations of collectors have been drawn to the mystique of rare stamps.
Once a widespread pastime of schoolboys, philately has increasingly become the province of older men obsessed with the shrewd investment, the once-in-a-lifetime find, the one elusive beauty that will complete a collection and satisfy an unquenchable thirst.
As a boy, Simon Garfield collected errors-rare pigment misprints that create ghostly absences in certain stamps.
When this passion reignited in his mid-forties, it consumed him. In the span of a couple of years he amassed a collection of errors worth upwards of forty thousand pounds, pursuing not only this secret passion, but a romantic one as his marriage disintegrated.
In this unique memoir, Simon Garfield twines the story of his philatelic obsession with an honest and engrossing exploration of the rarities and absences that both limit and define us.The end result is a thoughtful, funny, and enticing meditation on the impulse to possess.


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